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Crown of Glory, A

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This booklet is a reprint of two chapters from the book, "The Hour Cometh":  They That Were Ready: A Special Responsibility; Unexpected Coming; A Special Blessing; Cut Off; The Watchman's Apparel; Parable of the Virgins; Who Sounds the Alarm?; Trimming Their Lamps; The Virgins; The Lamp; Process of the Cleansing; The Tarrying Time; The Command To Warn; A Thankless Task; Announcing His Approach; Study and Search; Rightly Dividing; Oil of Understanding; Appointed Counselors; The Vessels; The Door was Shut; The Ready Ones; Only a Voice; Too Late; A Renewed Invitation; Through Much Tribulation; Reward for Readiness; The Dark Place; Be Enlightened.   By the Renewal of Your Mind: Mystery of the Change; First Death A Sleep; Garments of Light; As the Stars; Official Rank; From Death to Life; Eternal Life and Immortality; Revealing Immortality; Four Terms; The "Commonplace Miracel"; Man's Low Estate; Coming Transformation; Without Excuse; Metamorphosis; Renewal of Mind; Mind and Heart; Working of the Holy Spirit; By Means of Jesus; Prize of the High Calling; Entering into Joy; The Great Hope.