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Destiny Magazine - January 1941

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November 1941 Just Discovered after 75 Years - Vintage Magazine first published by Destiny Publishers in November, 1941! Surprisingly relevant topics for today’s world and events! The following is a list of the articles and topics in this original, 1942 Vintage Magazine, recently unearthed in the Destiny Publishing archives! Contents: Blind is My Servant; Books; The Coming Golden Age; A Curse to Understanding; The Fearful and Unbelieving; The Genealogy of Jesus; God Applies Sanctions; Horizon; Jesus Christ is a National Question; Letters; A New Order of the Ages; One Man’s Destiny; Price Fixing No Solution; Property Rights; Protection from Famine and Pestilence; Refined Pressure; Revolution; Suppose Russia Should Win; Thanksgiving 1941; Victory is Mandatory; Wanton Destruction.