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Destiny Magazine - September 1942

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Vintage Magazine recently revealed - first published by Destiny Publishers in 1942 with surprisingly relevant topics for today’s world and events. The following is a list of the articles and topics covered in this issue: Accurate... and Ominously Near Completion; An Alphabet There Was; Astern of The news; A Challenge to preachers; Commonwealth of Nations; Discerning This Time; Drinking to Destruction; Equitable Rationing Needed; Established by Evidence; Freedom From India; He Helped show That the bible is True; Interventionist vs. Isolationists; Importance of Epoch; The Last Act; Limiting God; Minorities and Persecution; A Nation Coming to Judgment; Property Rights; The Ripening Harvest; Selected For Suitability; Study, to Shew Thyself Approved; Futile Pastime?; Two Critical Fronts; Who Really Cares?