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Documentary Studies Vol 1

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The solution to every problem faced by mankind today is to be found in the Bible. Even the terms of a lasting peace have already been written within its pages. Documentary Studies is packed with timely information on many subjects of vital interest to everyone everywhere. Present world trends are proving how accurately the prophets foretold history. The clash between the contending forces of good and evil, of righteousness and aggression, and the ultimate outcome of the present sanguinary struggle are subjects with which this book is concerned. Students of history, prophecy and political economy cannot afford to miss the timely information compiled in this important book. It is only when nations and people accept and act upon the great truths analyzed in its chapters that the havoc and devastation wrought by the riding of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse can be successfully stayed.  Documentary Studies proves how accurately the prophets spoke as they foretold the events of today and outlined the only plan which will bring peace and fulfill the ultimate purpose of the advent of Jesus Christ -- peace and good will for all mankind.