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Documentary Studies Vol 2

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These are the days when men's hearts are literally failing them for fear of what is coming upon the earth. The advent of the atom bomb and the more deadly hydrogen bomb have augmented their fears and the resulting uneasiness and uncertainty are like a pall weighing down the spirit of mankind. Many would like to be assured that men will be prevented from pursuing to its ultimate conclusion the trend toward wholesale destruction and have the satisfaction of knowing that evil men and predatory nations will be thwarted in their malicious planning. Documentary Studies, Volume II, outlines the pattern of things to come and points out the ultimate destruction of all evil aggression. This volume should be read by all who seek to know what the future holds, for, based upon the authentic records of the Scriptures, the future is well known. The human race is not to be destroyed; there is a time coming when righteousness will be established throughout the whole earth. If you are disturbed because of present disquieting trends, this is the book that will strengthen your faith and remove uncertainty, doubts and fears of the future. This book's information will banish the spirit of foreboding and in exchange introduce hope and peace of mind, for its factual presentation of the Divine purposes concerning the survival of the human race is fully and accurately documented.