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Documentary Studies Vol 3

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There never was a time in all history when the human race was more in need of definite assurance that the present trends toward disaster will be arrested.  It is only those who become acquainted with God's purposes by an understanding of the Divine Plan who may view the outlook with confidence. Documentary Studies, Volume III, is not only a delineation of the plan, but this book shows clearly why God is, for the present, allowing turmoil and strife to afflict the inhabitants of the earth. Mankind is beset on every hand by problems which have become insurmountable. However, based upon the proven accuracy of the utterances of the prophets of the Lord, the present trends toward the disintegration of civilization are shown to be a part of the Divine purpose to ultimately bring about, through a process of demolition, the destruction of the old order. God is bringing all man-made systems to judgment in order to prepare the way for a new and better world established upon a foundation of righteousness. A knowledge of the facts presented in this volume will give peace of mind, even amid the clash of arms, for to recognize the purposes of God, to see His Great Design, to be cognizant of the pattern of the future, is to understand present world trends, enabling one to properly evaluate their meaning. He who can do this is standing on high ground, untouched by the turbulence of the tempest and flood of the changing times surging around him. The information contained in this book will not only substantiate one's faith in God, who is guiding the destiny of mankind, but it will also reveal to the hopeful the evidence of coming Divine intervention. In this way God will bring about the destruction of all evil in order that the rule of righteousness may not be supplanted by the rule of chaos throughout the whole world.