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High Calling, The

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In the Garden:  Alive But Not Living; The Temple of the Holy Spirit; The Whole Armour of God. Of paramount importance to every individual is the necessity to become reconciled with God through His Son Jesus Christ.  this is requisite to citizenship in the Kingdom of God.  This phase of the Gospel message is as essential as the national slavation of Israel and the restoration of the administration of the Law of the Lord as the law of the land.  Therefore, the three areticles incorporated in this booklet were originally published in DESTINY as a presentation of our position on this most vital subject - personal salvation. These articles answer the objections reaised by those who thoughtlessly declare that, because we stress the Gospel of the Kingdom, we have failed to recognize the part personal salvation plays in the redemptive plans of God.  This booklet presents the vital spiritual needs of every individual who strives to become an overcomer and attaine the victor's corwn.