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What Saith The Scriptures

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What Saith The Scriptures?: Treadmill of Confusion; People to Decide; Important Decision; Accountable to God; Kingdom Established; Importance of Throne; Unconditional Covenant; Captivity of Israel and Judah; Bill of Divorcement; Returning Remnant; Who Returned?; The Kingdom of Palestine; World Order; Testimony of the Jews; Israel in Ar-Sareth; Legal Aspect; A Great Gulf; Judgment and Mercy; The Dry Bones; The People Identified; For a Time to Come; Important Questions; A Forgetful People; A Christian People; Blotted Out; A Circumcised People; Christian Circumcision; False "Jews"; Divine Admonition; Blind Leaders; False Spiritual Leadership; Whe Gog Strikes; Deliverance and Restoration.