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Destiny Magazine - August 1943

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Vintage Magazine recently revealed - first published by Destiny Publishers in 1943 with surprisingly relevant topics for today’s world and events. The following is a list of the articles and topics covered in this issue:  An Appraisal of Fortunetelling and Spiritualism; Bible in Hand; Blueprint for A Lasting Peace; Christian Gullibility; Contemporary Evidence of Divine Protection; God Will Hold Thy Right Hand; Hitting the Feet of Clay; Israel in the New Testament — IV; Judah Against Jerusalem; The Kingdom of Hell Is Not at Hand; Nations Coming to Judgment; New World in the Making; On the Agenda for August; The Palestinian Solution; Rediscover the Rainbow; Skipping the Evidence; A Stream of Brimstone; Symbol of Departing Era; Timing of Japans Judgment; Unless One Sees the Kingdom; Unstable Foundations.