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Great Pyramid Proof of God

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This is one of the most popular books published on the subject of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. It contains, in simple form, the vital truths concerning this famed monument to which attention is called in Scriptures (see Isaiah 19: 19-20 ). It highlights the significant worth of the Great Pyramid, gathering together the related evidence demonstrating the marvelous accuracy of its construction, mathematical perfection and its astronomical and chronological verification of the Bible. It is an invaluable book which is essential reading for those who wish to know what the Great Pyramid has been found to contain but who are without the time, training or scientific turn of mind to grasp the technical data presented in highly specialized books on the subject. The facts about one of the world's great wonders - God's Bible in Stone - pertaining to events past, present and future as they impinge upon the destiny of the Building Race, are clearly set forth in this treatise.